The very basis of a good training is, in my opinion, one fundamental thing – fun! When you have fun, it is so much easier for your brain to learn and to retain the information in the long-term. To enable a fun environment, it is necessary that the participants find a safe and trust-inspiring space in which they can try out new behaviour and evolve in small steps. Learning in a group provides an optimal basis for this, because everybody can profit from the knowledge, the experiences and the feedback of all other participants. The same is true for me in my professional role – every training provides new learning opportunities.

All my trainings are planned and conceptualised according to suggestopedic principles. That means, you will find a great variety of methods and tools, an energy-maintaining balance between activation and relaxation, and a pleasant and comfortable learning atmosphere – all aimed at embedding the acquired knowledge more deeply in everyone’s brain. The method of Suggestopedia was developed by the Bulgarian psychologist Georgi Lozanov in the 1960s. Since then, different practitioners of Suggestopedia are continuously improving, refining and extending the possibilities of the method.

I draw on a broad range of experiences in topics I have taught. Therefore, I can easily design individual trainings concerning duration and content, tailored to your needs.


For many training topics an interactive online version is available. Feel free to contact me for more information!

"Everywhere you will find something to enjoy, to learn and to do."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


My main training topics are:

Communication (Conversational skills, Nonviolent Communication, Presentation, Moderation)

Holistic Time Management (Goals and Meaning in Life, Self-organisation)

Learning and Knowledge Transfer (Training Methods, Suggestopedia, Knowledge Transfer)

Individual Strengths (Quiet people, Strength-based trainings)

Change Management (Leading Change, Teambuilding, Collegial Advice)

Shaping cooperation in self-organised teams (for more information visit



I am a member of the Association for Nonviolent Communication in Germany and commit myself to follow the ethical standards for education put down in the professional code of Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung. You find the professional code in the download area.

Furthermore, I participated in the project GRETA of the German Institute for Adult Education and got my expertise and skills in further education evaluated by an impartial reviewer. For more information, please visit the website of GRETA.

At a Glance


Individually conceptualised – depending on your needs and preferences


At your location, in external facilities or online via Zoom


The first-meeting is free of charge. Its goal is to get to know each other and define the topic. Following this you will receive an individual offer.

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