Bringing structure and order into a communicative clutter or creating a bit of constructive chaos if the different perspectives are too well-worn – that is how I understand moderation.

Whenever a team is having difficulties with their communication, when cooperation is decreasing or decisions are not taken, moderation can be helpful. As an external expert for tidying-up the communicative mess, I take care of the process by providing guidance, visualising content and taking care that no issue is swept under the carpet.

There are several occasions for a moderation. A small team benefits as much as a large group. In the spirit of promoting the value of transparency, moderation is a wonderful method to hear all the voices within a group, facilitating the dialogue with each other and capturing the main results.


A special tool that I like to use when dealing with certain questions or topics is the method LEGO® Serious Play®. This approach supports the team to tackle their challenges in a creative and intuitive way, encourages communication and puts the own ideas and thoughts quite literally on the table.

From time to time, especially in self-organised teams, an external moderation can be helpful. It ensures that all team members can take care of and focus on the relevant issues – and not bother with the process.

Moreover, in the context of large group events an external moderation can significantly improve the communicative process.

"There is always another way."

Thomas Mann


Possible Occasions for Moderation are:

Creative Processes – Developing ideas and visions together

Clarification within the team – Processes, roles, relationships and responsibilities

Taking decisions – Which options do we have and what are the next steps?

Large group events

Getting to know one another

Optimising meeting culture – Moderation during our regular meetings

Knowledge Transfer – Structured transfer of your explicit and tacit knowledge to a successor

Just contact me with your topics and questions. Together we will find the right format for you and your team.

At a Glance


Depending on the topic, possible from 2 hours to several days


At your location or in external facilities


The first-meeting is free of charge. Its goal is to get to know each other and define the topic. Following this you will receive an individual offer.