adónde is the Spanish word for „where to“.


Where our world is currently moving to, is a question I ask myself almost daily. In view of the growing complexity in our lives, urgently required changes of working environments, and climatic disaster at our doorsteps, I am trying to perform my part in making the world a better place.

Currently, we are standing at a turning point. The old ways of running businesses and leading people are unsustainable. They will have to change, if we want to continue to thrive on this planet. And because all big changes start with small steps, I work with individuals, teams and organisations in tapping into their full potential, getting to know what they really, truly want, and supporting them in finding their own best suited way into the future.

To achieve this aim, I am offering what I love doing and what I do best:

Working with individuals and teams in finding their way through coaching

Supporting groups in their communication and coordination by moderation

Securing knowledge transfer and communal learning through individual training and knowledge transfer

My thoughts and personal values concerning these topics are inspired by the concept of New Work by Frithjof Bergmann and the organisational model of teal organisations described by Frederic Laloux in his book Reinventing Organizations.

I would like to help achieve a fundamental change of the working world. Away from old hierarchies and management tools of the achievement-oriented organisations. Instead developing more businesses in the direction of the self-organising, evolutionary organisations. That is where I see the future. If you and your company share a similar perspective, I will be happy to help by designing self-organised working structures including supporting team structures based on trust culture.

My skills are also available in German.


I am looking forward to accompanying you a part of the path ahead!