If you are standing at a point where you don’t really know what to do, where the old ways do not seem to work anymore or where new paths and challenges are lying in front of you – then a coaching might be the right step.

Coach is an old English word for coachman. A coachman accompanies his guest on his or her journey until reaching the destination. He ensures the security of the road, knows one or the other shortcut, but also the rewarding detours with the best view.

This is very much how I work as your coach. I believe that all you need to confront your challenges successfully is already within you – your experience, your strengths and talents and, most importantly, your expertise about yourself. I am your companion on the way to your personal solution and help you, in finding your unique knowledge and resources so that you arrive safe and sound at your preferred destination.

As my main guidance on our mutual journey I use the 5-thresholds-process model by Elke Schlehuber and Rainer Molzahn as well as various tools and techniques from psychotherapeutic, systemic and humanistic approaches. These tools are applied accordingly to the needs of the situation and the topic of the coaching.

Before we embark on our coaching journey together, I offer you an approximately one hour meeting for free, in which we get to know each other, initially explore your topic and define possible outcomes. If both of us agree to enter into a working relationship, we discuss in the next step the conditions for the coaching (time, place and number of sessions). Usually, a coaching takes place with 3 – 5 sessions of 1,5 hours each.

"Know thyself."

Inscription at the temple of the Oracle of Delphi


Possible Topics

Clarification of personal needs, wishes and goals (professional or private area): What do I really, really want?

Responding to situations of change and transformation

Clarification of a new (leadership) role

Support in processes of self-knowledge: Who am I and where do I want to go?

Support in problematic situations (stress, conflicts)

Support in processes of personal challenge that are created through the work in self-organised teams.

Coaching is not psychotherapy but occasionally uses techniques from different psychotherapeutical schools. Coaching is always aiming at „healthy“ people who still could solve their topics on their own, but would like to reflect and work through them more effectively and often faster with the help of a coaching.

People are very different. Hence, it is possible that another coach would be even better suited to the specific requirements and challenges of your situation. In these cases you can find professional support in my colleagues of the Coaching-Community.

At a Glance


3 - 5 sessions of 1,5 hours each (adjustment depending on the topic of the coachee)


In my coaching-room, online via Skype, Zoom or MS Teams, or at your location


The first-meeting is free of charge. Its goal is to get to know each other and define the coaching topic. Following this you will receive an individual coaching-offer.

The Coaching Area